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الاداه المميزه جدا Avengers لتخطي جوجل وتصليح وتغيير ال imei وفورمات اى جهاز فى الوضع الطبيعي

الاداه المميزه جدا Avengers لتخطي جوجل وتصليح وتغيير ال imei وفورمات اى جهاز فى الوضع الطبيعي

Everyone knows Avengers Box is a very powerful box for many CPUs. This version is a multi-platform tool where you will be able to do network unlocking, remove virus, frp removal and many other operations on many phones that are supported! Need to know! This tool has some really good security system with the help of the great vmprotect as well. Luckily we managed to break a little into their security to produce to you today a cracked version of this tool. As you should know. Due to the security, this tool have some tight security on two(2) operations. 1. Calculator Answer: Because the calculation algorithm is inside the server. It’s impossible to generate network unlock codes unless we hacked their server it’s possible. But we won’t because it is illegal to hack server and they are really good team that doesn’t deserve it! So I recommend you buy original box if you want to calculate codes! 2. Samsung Frp/Reactivation/EE Answer: This option has some dword problems which is almost impossible to fix. Hopefully in future we may find some way to make the impossible > possible. Still I recommend you use to buy original box and support developers. All these details listed underneath the “Need to know” is inside the installer that I will provide below. Please read all the information provided in the installer window BEFORE INSTALLING! Tool Features: • FRP Tool:- Reset FRP MediaTek Generic [Fastboot Mode] Reset FRP Huawei Spreadtrum [Fastboot Mode] Reset FRP Motorola Qualcomm [ADB Mode] Reset FRP Qualcomm Generic [Fastboot Mode] • Unlock Bootloader:- Unlock BootloaderMediatek Generic [Fastboot Mode] Huawei Speadtrum [Fastboot Mode] Qualcom Generic [Fastboot Mode] • Spreadtrum (SPD) Option:- Repair IMEI - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB Repair Wifi - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB Repair BT - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB Factory Reset - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB de] Huawei Speadtrum [Fastboot Mode] Qualcom Generic [Fastboot Mode] • Spreadtrum (SPD) Option:- Repair IMEI - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB Repair Wifi - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB Repair BT - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB Factory Reset - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB ZTE - Unlimited Unlock Code Calculator via IMEI Blade C2 Blade L2 V809 Blade GLux Blade GPRO Blade Q Blade Q MAXI Blade Q MINI Blade X VTELCA - Unlimited Unlock Code Calculator via IMEI N720 F310 V8200 NX501 NX402 NX406E V865M TELEPATRIA CARIBE 3 FI TELEPATRIA 2 • HUAWEI Option - Unlimited Unlock Code Calculator G7220 Ascend Y220 Ascend Y221 G2800S Ascend G500 Ascend 8836D Ascend Y600 G3511 G3512 G3610 G3620 Ascend Y520 Ascend Y320 Ascend Y321 G20 G6005 G6605 G6800 G6608 G6210 G6620 G7210 Panama VM720 G5726 G7510 G6622 G6151 G3501S.America U2805 G6006 U5130-05 G3621 G3621L G3622 F316 Ascend Y511 G5520 G5521 Ascend Y360-U23 ORANGE - Unlimited Unlock Code Calculator Orange ZILO ORANGE REYO

Malware Option

Application manager for Android phones. This function allow to manage installed phone applications. Disable[freeze], enable, uninstall[not work for system packages], clear application data. Added possibility to add application directly in virus database.For this application not need root. Need root only to freeze system applications. Malware database manager.Allow to add, or delete malware entries. Malware Remove.Malware remove read malware list from Malware DataBase and perform cleaning[deleting] For this function need root and busybox installed. Without busybox will fail on removing some malware files. READ ANOTHER ARTICLE AG TOOL V4.1 • Huaweu modem- Unlimited Unlock Code Calculator:- E160,E156,E155,E1550,E1552,E156G,E160,E160,GE161,E 166,E169, E169G,E170,E172,E176,E1762,E180,E182E,E196,E226,E2 70,E271, E272,E510,E612,E618,E620,E630,E630+,E660,E660A,E80 0, E870,E880,EG162,E880,EG162,EG162G,EG602,EG602G,Vod afone K2540, Vodafone K3515,Vodafone K3520,Vodafone K3565,Vodafone K3520, Vodafone K3565, B260a, E122, E153, E1551, E1553, E155X, E156B, E156C, E1609, E160E, E160X, E1612, E1615, E1616, E1630, E1632, E166G, E1690, E1692, E170G, E171, E172G, E173, E1750, E1750C, E1752, E1756, E176G, E1803, E180G, E180S, E181, E182, E1820, E216, E219, E230, EM770, S4011, UMG1691, UMG181, UMG1831,E160 E353Ws,E353Ws-2,E398,E1732,E173, E352,E353,E357,E362,E367,E372,E368,E398,E1732,E392 ,E1815,E1731, Vodafone K4510,Vodafone K4511,Vodafone K4605,Vodafone K5005,E1756,E586,E583c, E5332,E5332s-2,E5332s-2,E583,E3256,E585u-82,E585v2,E586e,E3131,E5331,B260, B260A,E5331s-2,E5832,E5776,E5776s,E3276,E589,B153 WebCube,B260,B260A,B960, B970,E122,E153,B153 WebCube,E155,E1550, E1551,E1552,E1553,E155X,E156, E156B,E156C,E156G,E156X,E158,E159,E159G, E160,E1609,E160E,E160G,E160X,E161,E1612, E1615,E1616,E161E,E162G,E1630,E1632,E166, E166G,E169,E1690,E1692,E169G,E170,E170G, E171,E172,E172G,E173,E173u-1,E1731,E1732, E1750,E1750C,E1752,E1756,E176,E1762,E176G, E177,E180,E1800,E1803,E180G,E180S,E181, E1815,E182,E1820,E182E,E1823,E1831,E188, E196,E216,E2010,E219,E220,E226,E22X, E230,E270,E271,E272,E303,E3131,E3231, E3256,E3272,E3276,E352,E353,E353WS,E353WS-2, E355,E357,E3351s-2,E3531,E5372T,E3531,E362, E367,E368,E369,E372,E392,E397,E398, E4011,E510,E5330,E5330As-2,E5330Bs-2,E5330Bs-6,E5331, E5331s,E5331Ws-1,E5332,E5332s-2,E5336,E5336Bs-2,E5336Bs-6, E5336s-2,E5372s-22,E5372s-32,E5373,E5776,E5776s,E583, E5830,E5832,E5838,E583c,E585u-82,E585v2,E586, E586e,E589,E589U,E58XX,E612,E618,E620, E630,E630+,E660,E660A,E800,E870,E880, E960,E968,E970,EG162,EG162G,EG602,EG602G, K2540,K3515,K3517,K3520,K3562,K3565,K3710, K4510,K4511,K4605,K5005,UMG181,HiLink, Huawei 823F,MTC 824FT,MTC 423S,Megafon M21-4,Megafon MR100-3 Russia, MTC 823F,E5330,E8231,R201,R206,R207,R205,R208, B183,UMG 587,E3276-920,Russia MegaFon E3272s,F615,F615-U20, EC5 Alkatel:- Alcatel Alcatel Android Provider Database Updated How To Setup:- 》First of all,Download avenger box 1.8 zip file from below Link 》Then Extract Zip file by using Winrar or 7zip software 》Now open avenger box 1.8 Folder and Install setup 》After Complete installation,Enter Your Pc User Name and Click On start Button 》Your Avenger box 1.8 will be Open and Enjoy..... Compatibility:-Compatible For all Windows computer. ▪windows xp, ▪Windows 7, ▪Windows 8, ▪Windows 8.1, ▪Windows 10 (64bit & 32bit) Licence:-Avenger box main 1.8 tool is free utility tool. Restriction on use:-This software must not be decompiled,disassembled,reserve engineered or otherwise modifed. Copyright (c):-Avenger box main 1.8 tool All right reserve.

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