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شرح الاداه الجديده MTK META Utility v39

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شرح الاداه الجديده MTK META Utility v39

شرح الاداه الجديده MTK META Utility v39

الاداه مجانيه ومميزه جدا فى جميع معالجات Mtk
الاداه تدعم اوامر وخواص جديده

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MTK META Utility V39

As mentioned earlier today :
* Added Samsung A12 U2/U5 - (A03S Not not confirmed for KG Locked flag & A32 5G)- Enable Brom port without test point from Download mode - (sec ctrl 1).
+ Enable/Fix Brom port stuck (Fix for the previous operation).
$$ - The Enable Brom method is tested with (A12 - SM-A125F U2 & A03S - SM-A037F U1 April Patch and it might work with other devices as well, but Re-Enable Brom port is usable for A12 only).
$ - After Enable BootROM port, if you see this message on download screen (partitions x [x=prism, bootloader] & AVB footer error & Wrong VBMETA hash) don't worry, just flash the device with full firmware (4 files) device will back to normal status.
* Added more Fastboot info such as (OEM Device Info and Verification & BL lock status).
* Added install APK via adb shell.

& The software is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement, USE it at your own risk. 

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